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Splatterpuss Bubblegun

This game was made for the GMTK Jam 2017.

A simple arcade shooter with nice colours, and (I feel) pretty complimentary enemy design. Inspired by Devil Daggers, Downwell and INK.

Game Jam Theme: Downwell's Dual Purpose Design
Here's how the game follows the theme:

  • The shooting mechanic is also how you navigate the main menu.
  • Holding Left Mouse Button shoots bullets, but also heals you.
  • Releasing Left Mouse Button attracts Gems that Enemies drop when they die, but makes enemies behave differently.
  • When you're shooting, Pink Enemies move faster, but when not shooting, Blue Enemies move faster.
  • Your Ammo bar is also the screen border. Depleting your Ammo  lets you see more of the screen. There's also a bonus enemy that would be obscured if your Ammo is too high.
  • Gems give Score and also replenish Ammo. Since Ammo has a Max Cap, and Score will multiply, you need to juggle your pick-up rate.
  • Your Health Bar is the Screen Resolution. Taking Damage makes the screen pixelated. Shooting heals you and returns this to normal.
  • Enemies splatter into paint. Later in the game, there's an enemy that's white, and can only be seen when on top of paint splatters.

How to play:
The game has a tutorial, but if you're confused:

  1. Hold Left Mouse Button to shoot.
  2. Shooting depletes Ammo, which is indicated by the Green Bars on the sides of the screen.
  3. Shoot all coloured dots.
  4. Release Left Mouse Button to stop shooting and collect Gems. Gems give score and also replenish Ammo.
  5. Collect as many Gems as you can at once, as they Multiply and give even more score.
  6. Enemies behave differently depending on wheather you are shooting or not.
  7. Have fun (this is the most important part)

Made using Game Maker: Sudio and SFXR


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Splatterpuss Bubblegun.exe 2 MB


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