If you were really serious about buying a house, you would give up eating your smashed avocado.

This was in response to this: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/life/weekend-austr..

It's the meme that just keeps on giving.

This was made in about 4 hours on the day of the US election, in Bar SK in Melbourne, surrounded by drunk Americans.
The engine was Game Maker Studio, and the character physics were based off Zack Bell's "Action-Platformer Engine 1". Thanks Zack


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my high score is 598

edit: now 789

...wait, what happens if I actually get a high score? Like, enough for a deposit for a shithole in Derrimut?


If anyone ever gets enough for a deposit on a house (not in Detroit) then I'll update the game so it redirects them to Stardew Valley's Steam page