Your mate Jed has been possessed by a demon. Mondays amirite? You have found an ancient tome describing how to exorcise it.


1. Open the Great Big Book of Exorcisms (bottom of the screen).

2. Identify Jed's symptoms.

3. Follow the book's recommended recipe.

4. Use the book's glossary of ingredients to find out more about the ingredients.

Handy Note: *some* mythical items may be hard to come across, so substitute them with household objects.

This was made for Global Game Jam 2016. I did most of the environment art and the music, Nanolotl did all the programing, and these other two guys who's names I can't remember did something else.


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Pretty funny!

I love this game! I just wish I knew what the fairy dust was. T-T

Oh- I made a video on it if you don't mind. :)

hey thanks, nice video!

Fairy dust is the rocks